Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

Global Psychometric Testing Services

We provide computerized psychometric tests with an international invigilator that are accredited internationally.

Our tests are standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits.

Psychometric tests have been extensively used in commercial, academic and educational settings for centuries and their popularity has continued to increase.

Psychometric tests work by recording a candidates responses to a set of questions, designed to measure a specific psychological construct, such as cognitive ability or personality.

Psychometric tests are highly effective predictors of job performance in any role or selection process.

Why us?

Recours has partnered with one of the leading providers in the world, a trusted name in pre employment testing services offering cutting edge employment testing solutions to business giants such as Ericsson, CNN, Elance, Convergys, GAP and IKEA to name a few and now Recours has been accredited to provide their tests to candidates in Kenya.

They are currently one of the few employee testing companies in the world to have been certified under ISO 9001-2008 for their skills testing and training systems with Global acceptability all around the world.

What types of psychometric tests do we offer?

Our psychometric tests can accurately measure a candidate’s cognitive ability, personality and skills by providing a predictor of good job performance to client companies.

We currently have the following internationally accredited tests available:

  1. Potential to succeed in the workplace test
  2. Accounting and Finance Aptitude test
  3. Supervisor Aptitude test
  4. Customer Service Aptitude test
  5. Sales Aptitude test
  6. Healthcare test
  7. Secretarial and Office aptitude test
  8. Creativity Quotient Test
  9. Management Aptitude test

Within cognitive ability tests, a myriad of specific aptitudes can be measured and evaluated, which includes the following:

  1. Numerical reasoning test
  2. Verbal reasoning tests
  3. Logical/diagrammatic reasoning tests
  4. Error checking tests
  5. Critical thinking tests

Personality questionnaires are even more versatile and personality tests can measure the following variables:

  1. Leadership potential
  2. Team working
  3. Development needs
  4. Competency potential
  5. Competency potential
  6. Values

Here are some reasons why Employers need to use psychometric tests for their selection process:

  1. Measuring of employees Job Performance
  2. Increasing Organisational performance
  3. Convenience
  4. Guarantee on Return on investment

Where can I buy psychometric tests?

Employers looking to buy psychometric tests for selection can purchase our tests by contacting us.

Candidates looking to sit for psychometric tests could contact us through [email protected]


The cost of carrying out the psychometric test per candidate depends with the type of test being offered, we advise that candidates seeking to sit for these tests should send an inquiry to [email protected]


This is known as the test report which is submitted 30mins upon completion of the test. A link to the full report is submitted to you upon completion and this is provided to your employer.


The psychometric test is timed and has to be done online. Being an online test, you will be issued with a response of the test results 30 minutes after completion of the test.