Interview Preparation & Aptitude Test Training

Interview Preparation & Aptitude Test Training

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The key to a successful interview is preparation, practice and performance.

It’s normal to feel nervous when you have an interview because you want to do your best. With preparation and practice you can get the better of your nerves and give yourself the best chance of getting the job.

Find out about the different types of interview and how to answer any difficult questions you might get asked. Effective communication is a major factor. The manner in which you communicate will affect the perception others have of you. Interviewers will make judgments based on how and what you communicate to them.

How our Interview coaching service will help you land that job:

  • Understanding the interview structure – We will coach you in the various interview styles.
  • Interview Questions – We will coach you in generating responses and good answers for the most frequently asked difficult questions.
  • Body language – much communication in an interview is non-verbal. We will coach you in body language and give you tips to maximize this.
  • Our interview coaching sessions are available every Saturday.
  • We provide you with a training module that contains common interview and training sessions.
  • Kindly book prior and check for availability