That the employees are the backbone of any organization is a fact that has been reemphasized more times than one would deem necessary. But yes, experience and studies have shown that you can have the most brilliant business strategies and plausible business plans. Still, without a motivated workforce, your organization’s fortunes are minimal. That is how crucial a motivated workforce is.
With prospective employees increasingly picking institutions to work for based on the workplace culture, you can only attract the best pool of talent if you prove to stand out in matters of encouraging your employees. Besides, a motivated workforce is a productive workforce. Here are exciting ways to keep your workforce encouraged and productive.


Everyone wants that pat on the shoulder when they do something in the right way or when they do something exceptional. We all love to hear someone say, “Jane, great job today, Keep up,” after a day full of activities. That makes one feel seen and their efforts recognized. If your employees are punctual to work, make an effort to execute their assigned responsibilities, and deliver as required, the least you should do is to tell them that you recognize and appreciate their efforts. Also, you can incentivize them and offer something extra for their pockets. That goes a long way in encouraging them to work even harder and deliver better results.


A working environment where workers and their boss occasionally meet for open conversations comes across as more preferred by employees. Creating time to engage them to find out how your employees are faring on is one of the ways to boost their morale. Regular interactive sessions have been shown to encourage openness at the workplace, which is a positive attribute that contributes to productivity.
During such sessions, you will have an opportunity to listen to your employees’ opinions about your leadership style, company management, and things that are affecting them. You will also get to listen to their suggestions on the improvements they would like to see being implemented to make the workplace an exciting space for them. Allowing your employees to express themselves is a sure way of emphasizing that they are part of the organization, which is sure to motivate them.


This is another way of encouraging your team. Do not be the kind of boss who makes critical decisions behind a closed door and only communicates the same to the employees for them to expedite. That makes you come across as bossy and unnecessarily commanding. Instead, draw a chair for your employees around your decision-making table. Offer your views to them on things you would like executed. Allow them an equal chance to offer their considered opinions and jointly craft strategies or plans to execute. For example, if you are about to design a marketing strategy template, inviting the sales team to offer their ideas will only make your work better. Having your employees participate in making crucial decisions will make them feel that they are part of your organization, and that will increase their productivity.


Assigning responsibilities for your team to undertake is not enough. You need to create a healthy work environment for them to operate from. For example, you should provide the required tools such as operational computers, free available internet, means of transport when working from outside the office, and other necessities that will make your employees’ work manageable.

Additionally, create communication channels that are accessible by all and which are useful in passing messages across. A healthy working environment also means that your employees are empowered to voice their discomfort and express their gratitude when the need arises.


Consider designing your work culture in a ladder design, where employees step onto the next rung on merit. Employees want to feel that they are growing in their careers. No one wants to remain in an entry-level job group for five years. And no, it does not mean that they all want to be the CEO or Senior managers in five years. But it is encouraging to move from an intern position to an entry-level and to scale upwards. The room to grow based on the employee’s qualifications is a fundamental ingredient for boosting morale.

Additionally, if your employees want to take up professional courses, upskill or advance their studies, offering them better or flexible working terms such as study leave would be encouraging. After all, better-skilled employees are better placed to be more productive.


Encouraging your employees making them feel seen, and part of the organization can be done through team building activities. While planning for the annual events, ensure to include activities that are not work-related. These could include sports on weekends, nature walks, trivia, music extravaganzas, and the like. The aim is to provide the employees with opportunities to relax and interact with each other outside the office. Besides being a bonding moment, team-building activities emphasize that you care for your employees’ wellbeing and appreciate their needs.


Everyone wants to feel that their needs are considered or recognized, which makes them feel humanized. This is not different at the workplace either. While personal needs differ and change from time to time, employees appreciate it when you show empathy and prove to care about their welfare. For example, having a work policy that allows employees to take paid sick leave or maternity leave makes them feel their affairs are considered. Creating an environment that makes them feel socially included in the workplace culture goes a long way in encouraging them and boosting their morale.


Employees form the backbone of any organization. Usually, the company’s fate lies in its hands, and so is its destiny. This fact alone makes it necessary for you to put their welfare on the priority list. More importantly, ensuring that your employees stay motivated will lead to increased productivity. You can encourage them by offering incentives, recognizing their effort, and rewarding their hard work. Besides, allowing them to upskill, advance in their studies or take steps to advance their careers will be more encouraging. Be sure to humanize their experiences and make them feel appreciated.