Many people are joining the TikTok fad to talk about their jobs, to both friends and strangers. The app has become increasingly popular for people to create short videos on an array of subjects: ranging from career advice to interview tips to what entails their day-to-day activities at the workplace. 

However, a trend that has become commonplace involves employees exploring the toxic side of their jobs, bashing their employers, or even discouraging prospective employees from joining their organizations. These are things that may affect people negatively in their professional endeavors and risk the reputation of the organization. While it is okay to enjoy one’s freedom of expression, it is crucial to understand the repercussions. 

Opening up about work on social media 

There is more to work culture in every organization than it is known to the outside world. At an individual employee’s level, there are interesting days when one feels like they should give all their effort to the job. There are other days when one feels all they need is to get sick leave and stay at home, of course with reasons for the same. TikTok trends where employees share about their jobs show that many have made it an open and free platform where you can say just about anything and open up freely without fear of backlash. To make the bashing of unfriendly employers or toxic workplaces palatable, the videos are created with relatable humor. 

While that may be a good way to unwind, researchers say it may also advance anti-work culture, with a negative impact on both the worker and the institution. Therefore, it is more advisable to curate what one chooses to share especially with the outside world, so as not to hurt the professional reputation or the organization. Additionally, it will be crucial and more productive to engage with your employer on issues that you find unsettling. 

The quitters’ trend 

There has been a rise in the generation of workers who quit their jobs and create videos on TikTok to share with the world. This has led to the trend of #jobquitters that has become popular. Recently, a former employee at Walmart quit her job and used the organization’s intercom system to announce her exit. All this, she did while recording a video o share on TikTok. In the video, she lamented instances of racism, poor working conditions, and inappropriate working conditions. The video went viral and was widely criticized as it was praised. 

There are many more instances where people have found it appropriate to share their career decisions that seem extreme on TikTok while displaying total displeasure with their workplaces. It is acceptable for employees to leave whenever they feel their interests are not met. However, it is more considerate to follow the company protocols when reporting dissatisfaction or when choosing to quit your job. This will protect both your reputation and safeguard your future job opportunities. Truly, no employer organization would wish to work with an individual who has a record of tarnishing their name when a disagreement arises. 

Employee’s mental health discourses

The mental health of employees is a subject that draws great attention in the modern-day workplace. Companies where organizational culture is more appealing to employees take care of their individual needs and afford them the room to grow is more attractive to work at. Research shows that a good workplace is defined by more than just a good salary. People seek a place where they feel needed and part of policies. One way of extending humanity in the workplace is by considering the mental health of the employees. However, those who suffer from burnout and breakdowns from working long hours or undertaking difficult tasks many times find means to express their situations on TikTok. This is usually in faith that they will find solidarity with a community of other workers experiencing similar realities. 

What psychologists advise employees is to open up whenever they feel weighed down by work pressure that could affect them mentally. Although it might feel and actually be cathartic to open up and share with strangers, it is more helpful to let the human resource manager understand what you are going through. That way, you can easily get help in managing the work pressure and avoid burnouts and breakdowns that may threaten your well-being. 

In conclusion 

In recent times, TikTok has become a popular platform where people share their day-to-day experiences. Trends in people discussing their jobs have also become popular. One would say that it is the town square where good bosses are celebrated while those deemed toxic are bashed. Employees create videos discussing the contemporary workplace. However, what experts have advised time after time is for employees to mind their professional reputation in the present and the future. You do not want to bash your employer on TikTok and affect your organizational reputation and your prospects of getting a job. It is more advisable to talk out issues at the workplace and resolve them honorably. 

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