In our article last week, we tackled the matter of people using social media to speak about the challenges that they face every day in their workplaces. A closer look at most of the challenges that are being aired online will reveal that the causes are diverse and that they can be resolved using strategies that look into more than one area of a career. One ideal solution is an all-rounded review.

You might be wondering, what is an all-rounded review? What would be its impact in the workplace and reducing turnover? This article has more information.

How would an all-rounded review look like?

When it comes to performance reviews, most times, managers comment on their employees’ performance and give recommendations on how they can improve. Performance assessment will always be essential, and this article has more information on some eye-opening questions to ask new employees. In many workplaces, reviews are done once a year.

In spite of the benefits of performance reviews for employees, they do not reveal the actual nature of the workplace and any potential harm that could make them consider careers elsewhere. This is where an all-rounded review comes in.

As the name suggests, the review would look into all the factors that influence one’s performance in the workplace, especially the people-factor such as colleagues and managers.

Reviews for managers

One common saying in the workplace is that “employees do not leave companies, they leave bad bosses.” This shows that managers are not always on the right side and any action that is pushing employees away from them is essentially pushing them away from the company.

So, what do managers have to do with turnovers and how do they fit in the performance matrix?

Managers are the role models in any company. They set the pace of what can, should, and will be done, how, and when. But if they have no one to give feedback on how they are progressing, some can end up pushing employees away from the company, sometimes unintentionally, which would be a loss to the company.

An all-rounded review that would allow employees give feedback about their managers would be of great benefit for a number of reasons. First, we all have a way of doing things and sometimes without knowing, they can have a negative effect on others. This is still the case with managers, but reviews would shed light on such situations. It could be anything from disconnection during communication to minimal time allocation per task. Managers who would consider the feedback from their employees would know how to improve the work environment and reduce turnover.

Second, reviews can highlight common areas that need attention and help the managers to self-improve so they can help their employees. In a nutshell, a review would create a snow-ball effect of self-improvement and growth amongst the people and eventually to the company. In the reviews, employees would be allowed to comment on as many aspect of the management as possible, whether during open talks or unanimously, without a risk of losing their jobs.

Reviews for fellow colleagues

Employees’ interaction has a great impact on a company’s productivity and determines how long the employees work in a company. It is human nature to want to belong, but if there is disconnect amongst employees, then one could start considering alternative work places. A lot can happen amongst employees without the knowledge of managers; theft, discrimination, bullying and others. Sometimes employees might fear informing their managers about any challenges to avoid ruining the relationship with the said colleague or entire team further, or even losing their jobs.

A review that would allow employees to unanimously comment on their relationships with each other and their impact on productivity would be of great benefit to the company. This way, senior leaders would know if there are employees who are making the environment unsuitable for others and know which actions to take.

In conclusion,

We thrive by knowing the impact of our actions and adjusting accordingly. This is quite important in the workplace where multiple personalities come to play.